2014 Nunavut Election


The 2014 Nunavut Election was held on February 10th, 2014.


Nunavut Independent won the most seats in the election

Held on

February 10th, 2014

Number of Electoral Districts


Fixed Date


Election Notes

Note : To resolve a tied election in Rankin Inlet South at the 2013 Nunavut General Election.

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Total ElectorsValid BallotsValid VotesInvalid VotesTurnout Rate
PartyCandidatesSeats Won% of Seats Won% of Vote
Nunavut Independent21100.00%100.00%

Additional information for Nunavut Independent

Citation : No political parties had formed in the Nunavut legislature from 1999-2017. Legislative Assembly Members are listed as Nunavut Independent.

Legislature Composition

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Seats Share by Political Parties

Rankin Inlet South

Valid VoteInvalid VotesValid BallotsInvalid BallotsElectors
Party NameCandidateElectedVotes
Nunavut IndependentLorne Kusugak225
Nunavut IndependentAlexander SammurtokAlexander Sammurtok was elected268

Election Result Notes

Citation : https://www.elections.nu.ca/sites/default/files/documents/rankin-inlet-south-81-en.pdf

Note : A new district with no incumbent.


Acclamation No
Incomplete Data No
Electorial Formula SMP
District Magnitude 1