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Note : Disagreements regarding public vs. sectarian schools polarized liberal and conservative candidates into two coalition groups - Free Schoolers and Denominationalists. Divisions were largely based on religion. The Denominationalist Coalition was a political coalition consisting largely of Conservatives and some Liberal Catholics:

"The general election of 1876 was an interesting, and contentious, event. While the Island’s political scene had been the mainstay of Liberals and Conservatives, these two traditional parties gave way to coalitions come election. The issue of public vs. sectarian schools, and the provincial government’s stance on the matter, reigned supreme, and polarized politicians and the Island into two groups based largely on religion: The Free School Coalition (Protestant Liberals, and some Conservative Liberals), and the Denominationalist Coalition (remaining Conservatives, and some Liberal Catholics). The “Free Schoolers” advocated for adherence to the Free Education Act (passed in 1855), and supported public/secular schools. The “Denominationalists”, on the other hand, desired a system of sectarian schools across the Island (ie. separate schools for Catholics and Protestants."


District Candidates Elections Wins
Kings County 1st District 2 1 2
Kings County 2nd District 4 1 2
Kings County 3rd District 2 1 2
Queens County 3rd District 2 1 1
Queens County 4th District 1 1 0
Queens County 5th District 2 1 0
Prince County 1st District 2 1 2
Prince County 3rd District 3 1 2
Prince County 5th District 2 1 0